Our Services

A full spectrum of economic consultation services in Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada.
Personal Injury
Pre-litigation/Demand (Plaintiff)

Prior to, and for purposes of, submitting a client’s demand, we provide consultation at a reduced rate because we know costs must be kept at a minimum pre-litigation. Pre-demand consultations help the attorney identify and understand all her client’s economic losses, not just medical specials. This analysis will be a verbal consultation only for purposes of the attorney including the substance of the conversation in the demand. This will ensure that she has made a demand that will actually make her client whole.

Litigation (Plaintiff and Defendant)

After litigation has commenced Meta Economic Consulting will provide complaint to verdict services. It will provide early strength and weakness analysis. On-time expert reports and daubert-challenge proof testimony.

Our mission is to provide objective and sound economic analysis of the case based on available data, economic theory, and up to date estimation methodologies. We will provide our services to both the plaintiff and the defendant, including small and large private law firms, governments and in-house counsel.


Meta Economic Consulting provides consultation and testimony in contractual disputes including, but not limited to UCC damage calculations.

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